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Nigerian Navy declares 43 personnel wished

The Nigerian Navy introduced on Wednesday that 43 personnel are wished for desertion.

This was talked about in a brochure displaying the names and images of deserters from service on the Navy headquarters in Abuja.

The Navy requested the general public to take action. Helpful data that might result in the arrest of fleeing officers for reporting to the closest marine facility or police station.

Navy personnel with details about the whereabouts of the 43 people have been approved to arrest them or take care of them as companions

Though no motive was given for the officers ’disappearance, it was collected that many of the abandoned officers have been serving in naval ships and ships on international missions. They usually fled when the ship docked in international locations in Europe.

Among the dislocated officers embody LO Chiegboka (SVC NN / 3764. Ship: NOP Lake Chad), OS ITODO (SVC 5872F; Ship: NNH Warri), Anthony E. (SVC 18870. Ship: NNS Delta), Yusef A. (SVC X15018. Ship: NNS Partfinder) Brown IE (SVC X15545. Ship: NNH Warri) and Adiele SC (SVC X15782. Ship: NNS SOROH)

] “Others are, Armstrong Okay (SVC 7553. Ship: NNS PARTFINDER) , Hasan A (SVC X7542. Ship NNS PARTFINDER) and Osazuwa G (SVC X15831. Ship: NHQ), amongst others. ”(19659008)