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Cleric condemns Nigeria’s political, spiritual methods, blames it for violence, injustice

A cleric condemned the political and spiritual methods in Nigeria, saying that they’d failed to realize the required peace, justice, unity and prosperity as promised by the ruling class. Archbishop David Eriven of the Evangelism Directorate, the Brothers of the Cross and the Star, lamented that worldly political methods have failed to determine good governance and create a simply society. And evil, the nations are not united. Greed, selfishness and deceit have torn aside the nation. The human household suffers from violence, discrimination, injustice, division, separation and frustration. Infact, the human household is at a crossroads as a result of failure of faith and political methods of presidency. It’s God's pledge to determine the everlasting authorities of peace, justice and integrity. Divine love, "he mentioned.
" That is the age of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It’s the age of excellent justice and righteousness as a result of God Himself now dwells amongst folks. For God Almighty to make his dwelling with man an actual factor. The age of angels, prophets, messengers, and so forth is actual. With this, the period of faith and the worldly system of presidency ended. (19659002)