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2023: Atiku poised to buy PDP ticket – APC

The All Progressives Convention (APC) attacked the previous vp, Atiku Abu Bakr.

The ruling occasion accused two ministers, Adamawa, of plotting to "buy" the 2023 PDP card.

Atiku was the occasion's presidential candidate within the 2019 basic election.

On Thursday, Yekini Nabina, deputy secretary for nationwide propaganda, mocked him in a press release. It’s the opposition.

Nabina indicated that Atico started his election marketing campaign and held political conferences in Dubai.

“PDP and Alh. Atiku Abubakar, who started his election marketing campaign in early 2023 concerning the Democratic Progressive Get together’s presidential nomination that he’s getting ready to purchase, wrote immersed of their conferences in Dubai to plan their hallucinatory return to make sure they attempt to promote what stays of our nationwide property. ”

The speaker added that“ Nigerians are wiser ”

A number of leaders of the Progressive Democratic Get together joined the GPC, Chairman of the Board, Barnabas Jimid, and former Speaker of Parliament, Jacobo Dujara.