Top Five App Promotional Videos

With a massive increase in the number of smartphones worldwide, applications are now a key component of any business strategy for success. However, consumer marketing applications are difficult.
For marketers, it is now difficult to ensure that their applications generate noise and get downloads in the application markets.

If you are preparing to launch your next app, you should consider investing in a promotional video. It is very important to do this, as it allows you to make noise about your application and share what is happening around you with your customers.

The great promotional video of the application allows you to share with the world everything related to your applications. Promotional videos can be illustrative videos where you can see the benefits of the application and also see all its features.

For years, the gaming and movie industries have used promotional videos of their products, such as games and movies. You can also use promotional videos of the app and generate feedback on your app.

When it comes to promoted videos, startups have taken into account several things to consider, should it be a live or mobile event? Should we speak louder than a woman or a man? These are some things to keep in mind.

To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best promotional videos for the app here:

No.5: iA Writer Pro

Something as simple as a text editor with such an amazing promotional video deserves to be on our list. The music along with the way transitions and pieces happen is awesome. The promotional video takes you through the various features of the app along with its ease of use in this simple and powerful video. See for yourself:

Number 4: Thunderspace

Thunderspace promo video is amazing. The video is said to have been made on a budget of $ 12,000. But the budget is very reasonable considering the video quality. You can get exactly what they are trying to sell: maximum peace of mind with the opportunity to enjoy it in a natural climate. This was indeed a unique promo video and we loved it. Check it out:

Number 3: open and save the promotion

Well, this is ours. But we love it. We had the opportunity to work on a promotional video for The objective was to explain the service and identify the advantages while maintaining a very modern, modern and clean style. With a budget of $ 1,500, we took it perfectly to our customers who loved it.

If you’re thinking about the $ 1,500 motif, you should watch the app’s promotional videos, startups don’t have the luxury of spending a lot. But at Motioncue, we welcome all startups to work with us, making cost second on our priority list.

Number 2: Pebble Universe

The “Pebble Universe” teaser is very nice. Using a mix of CG and compositions, they created a great promotional video that thrills the main characters and shows a bit of the game as well. However, one of the reasons for his success was the attractiveness of the character. But we liked how it was done.

Number 1: Jeego ECards

The Jeego Ecards promotional video is amazing. Using simple and attractive characters, the video perfectly summarizes the services provided by Jeego Ecards. This promotional video is simple, polite and clear without causing yawns.

Now their creativity has to be overstated, because starting a promotional video must brainstorm internally and think about the tone and message they want to share with their target audience. If you are interested in obtaining more information on how to proceed, we recommend that you contact us through the button

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