Reasons why bloggers quit blogging

The rate at which bloggers stop blogging every month is very high, which is why they leave their blog abandoned and render it useless.
Some after creating a useful and engaging post / content and then leaving their blog later for one reason or another. Today I will explain the main reasons why bloggers leave blogs.

1. Not knowing the meaning of blogging

Some bloggers go to blogging without knowing the meaning of blogging, let me tell you what blogging is.

Blogging is the process by which a blogger writes and posts topics that are appropriate for their audience / visitors in the form of writing and images or blogging is the act in which the blogger writes and shares information related to their status and creates topics about it. Who knows. Yes, you cannot write about what you do not know, it is not possible, unless you want to copy other content.

According to my blog definitions, blogging only talks about “where a blogger writes and shares information related to their status.” Many bloggers jump into blogging without knowing that they are supposed to write and publish content to their audience rather than copying the content of others.

2. Lack of a teacher in blogging.
This is one of the reasons a blogger quits because when faced with a problem with her blog, no one knows that she should ask for help and there is also no teacher who can help by telling her to be a successful blogger.

3. You can’t create unique content
Not many bloggers can create and discuss topics on their blog. Creating and designing a blog is very simple, but creating unique content is not easy. Some bloggers cannot write more than 500 words on their blog without copying, and this is very bad, some do not even know what to post again on their blogs, while others cannot write due to bad word construction. Not being able to create unique content can copy other blog content.


1. Try as much as possible to improve your vocabulary

II Challenge yourself by creating your own content related to your niche.

4. Thinking about blogging is stressful
Many bloggers today believe that blogging is stressful because it is not. Some bloggers believe that posting every day will improve your blogging career, no! Blogging is not. Keep in mind that as a blogging beginner, if you do, blogging will be stressful for you, I mean, trying to create an article to post every day. This is because Blogger is human, they need rest and they also need time to create another post. The average time a blogger can post on her blog twice a week.

5. No, there is enough time for your blog.
Many blogs have been closed and abandoned just because the blog owner does not have enough time to blog and respond to comments that will lead to lost traffic, causing them to stop blogging.


1- Try as much as possible to establish a time to blog.

II Be sure to reply to comments on your blog at least 24 hours apart.

6. Coding skill of little or less

Blogger now jumps to blogs without learning about programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc. They see programming languages ​​as garbage and are not used to them, and then they leave when they come out when they can’t use their blog. These programming languages ​​can help you a lot in your blogging career and can also help you personalize your blog.

7. Don’t make money

This is the main reason why bloggers quit because they are not making money from their blogs. Some will say that they pay for the accommodation and yet they are not making money from it. First of all, you must be patient on average, the blogger takes to earn money from your blog is 7 months after posting your first article on your blog. Many bloggers are impatient with the process of making money on their blog, causing them to copy other bloggers’ content just to make sure they have posted to their blog or some even fall into the hands of the wrong ad network. If your main goal or main reason for joining blogging is to make money, I will personally advise you to quit.

8. Not having enough traffic
It will be very painful if you have a good blog but the traffic is poor. Traffic often ends up blogging some bloggers, after formulating and posting content and visiting your site from just two to fifty people, it will fill up like it’s stopped.


1- Always share your content on the most important social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

II Make your message interactive, that is, tell your audience or visitor to comment if they don’t understand you.

Third. Encourage your audience / visitor to share your post.

By rooms. Write an attractive title for your post that makes your audience / visitor want to click on it to reduce the bounce rate.

9. Choose the wrong position
This is one of the common reasons why bloggers quit before continuing, let me tell you what a specialist is. A niche in blogging can be defined as a relaxing or appropriate role that you can take on in blogs. There are many fields in blogging, such as entertainment, technology, health, etc. Many bloggers believe that the main way to become a successful blogger is to choose the most popular size or join your friends in your field of expertise. As I said recently at the beginning of this post, blogging is the act in which a blogger writes, shares information about their niche, and creates topics about what they know. Here is a blog on what an author can do. Many bloggers end up choosing the wrong place to get traffic.


1. Before starting your blog, choose where you can work. Are you good at health issues? Can you give basic health tips ??? For example, when writing content yourself, I recommend going to the health field and also if you are good at others like entertainment, lifestyle and technology, then go to it.

II Do not copy others, be unique

Third. Before entering a niche, be sure to search for it.

By rooms. Make sure you don’t get involved in multiple areas. I’m not saying that having more than one place on a blog is bad, but as a new blogger I suggest you focus on one place.

Let’s talk
Now that you know the main reason why bloggers quit, as I said, a blog is the act by which bloggers write information about what they know, share, and then share information with your audience. Now you have a question about why Blogger stopped blogging? Or you have issues preventing you from stopping blogging, please share them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thanks again.

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