One thing to do, when you find your learning progress low

When you get used to something after you beat nuts and nails, you can feel frustrated, or even exhausted. Feel like you know everything you need to know.

This can be disappointing as you will enjoy the opportunity to feel the energy similar to how you felt when you started learning Portuguese or discovering how to ride a bike.

However, do not be afraid, there is a strategy to restore your enthusiasm for skill and begin building this same position. The idea is that you are trying to absorb another skill, a skill that identifies and supports the skill that you recently met. You can keep your main plot “warm” simply by doing fifteen minutes three times a week while trying out the new position. This will be enough to prevent you from losing your vision of it from start to finish.

Why not dip your toe into another educational group for a change? The moment things freeze in life, it may be helpful to shake things up a little. In this sense, if you are an artist, you can try out yoga. Or, on the other hand, the singer can try reflexive breathing strategies. Learning to be close to each other can mean that they reinforce each other and give you the drive to continue.

Understanding something specific with our officially existing skills can give us another perspective on what we have realized. You can try something brand new just in case it crashes and requires a break. When you discover some new drivers, you’ll be ready and eager to rediscover the efficiency you’ve been thinking of giving up.

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