Negative reasons why people join blogging

We all know that blogging is about sharing information that is useful to our audience, but it has a downside, which I will tell you about today. Before I complete let me define the meaning of blogging.

In my last article, “Reasons Bloggers Stop Blogging,” I defined blogging as the process by which a blogger writes and posts topics that are tailored to their audience / visitors, usually in the form of writing and images.

Yes, blogging is about writing and publishing a post that suits your audience, but it has a downside. Below are the negative reasons why people have joined blogs.

earn money

Yes, did you know that 89% of bloggers in the world only join blogs to make money and this will make things difficult for serious bloggers, then this is not fair. Take a look at the world of blogging and see what happens as bloggers struggle to make money. This is also one of the reasons why most ad networks change their terms of use. I’m not saying bloggers shouldn’t make money blogging, but they should at least create a professional blog and a standard blogger before monetizing it.

To share false information

Currently, some bloggers share false information on their blog only to attract the attention of their fans and get illegal smuggling on their blog. Some go so far as to post against people just to give them a bad image in society, which is not good in our blogging world, making blogging difficult for serious bloggers sharing information on the internet.

Share private information

This is more common with entertainment bloggers, where they share information about people, only to gain popularity on the Internet and get a lot of traffickers.

To share decrypted programs or applications

I found a blog that shared decrypted software, and even revoked plugins and free plugins, that would drop the main author’s works for such plugins, themes or software.

I know you will be confused by including “sharing pirated programs” in the negative reason people join blogs. Yes, it is one of them because you are doing it for your own sake, as well as for abandoning the work in relation to the original author. Did you know that sometimes these decrypted applications can harm your device? Sometimes when these decrypted apps don’t work and are shared online. The original author’s products will not be trusted on the Internet.

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