How To Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue in Your HP Laptop?

Limited contact! Slow internet connection! No internet connection! Error messages like these three can immediately annoy any internet addict. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile phone, the problem can occur on either device.
But if you are using an HP laptop and experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, this article will help you find the best solution to connect your Wi-Fi connection without any problems. Try the following solutions to solve this problem:

Solution 1

Disconnect the battery and adapter.
Press and hold the power button on your device for 30 seconds.
Now turn on the unit and check if the wireless lights are on or not.
Solution 2

Visit Device Manager and uninstall wireless drivers on the Network Adapter tab.
Restart the unit and verify that the light is on.
Make sure these drivers are always up to date.
Solution 3

Restore your system to the time you last remembered that it was running smoothly
If this wireless network was good in the past but there was a problem connecting to it, go to Microsoft Restore to restore your device.
Solution 4

Updating the BIOS and wireless drivers from the HP official website can work wonders
You can also try updating the drivers from other websites.
Solution 5

Go to Search Recovery Manager and click Start
Choose Yes and then click “I need immediate help”
Choose driver and application recovery to select wireless drivers
Install it following the on-screen instructions and restart the unit
Solution -6

You can also try resetting the wireless card. This card is available on the rear panel of the unit.
If you continue to experience the same problem, contact HP Customer Service and obtain technical assistance from a certified technician.

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