How to Transfer TurboTax Files from One PC to Another

Maybe you have a new computer, or maybe you just want to transfer your tax return to a different computer.
The guide described in this article helps you transfer the TurboTax software from one computer to another along with tax returns, tax files, reports, data, and everything else you need to use it as in the old system. You just need to follow the steps to transfer it successfully. For any questions or assistance, you can also contact Intuit’s online customer service.

TurboTax is a popular tax preparation program that is used to file tax returns smoothly. As clearly stated in the TurboTax End User License Agreement, you can install TurboTax on all computers yourself by following a few steps. By purchasing the new system, you can freely install TurboTax on your computer. Remember to transfer tax returns from your old computer to your new computer to avoid using it from scratch. For any helpful guide or guide, please feel free to contact the TurboTax Customer Service phone number and consult a technical specialist for instant solutions.

Learn how to export TurboTax from one computer to another:

You can transfer tax files from one system to another easily and quickly; All you need is a CD or a USB flash drive. Try to avoid emailing your backup tax returns. For privacy reasons, you should not use email to transmit your confidential information. Before exporting tax files, you must first install TurboTax on a new computer. The following steps will help you transfer TurboTax easily.

Stage 1: install TurboTax

Before installing the software, make sure it is the latest and most compatible version. To install TurboTax on your new computer, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Close all open or running programs on the new computer. We also recommend that you temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall software.

Step 2: Now insert the TurboTax installation CD into your new system drive and then click on the option “Run setup.exe” to start installing the program. If you downloaded TurboTax online, double-click the installer to run the installation file.

Step 3: Click the “Next” button, then the “I Accept” option to accept the End User License Agreement. Select the “Change” option, then browse for the selected folder and choose it if you want to install it elsewhere.

Step 4: Uncheck the “Sure, give me back” checkbox if you don’t want to send unspecified performance reports. Click the “Install” button to install the program. The process usually takes three to five minutes.

After successfully installing TurboTax, you should start exporting tax files from your old computer. To do this, you can go to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Transfer your TurboTax data

You can follow the steps below to transfer your tax data to the new computer. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open TurboTax on your old computer, then go to the Tax Declaration section. Click on the File menu, then select the “Save As” option from the menu.

Step 2: Choose the destination folder and enter a name for the backup in the field named “File name”. Click the “Save” button to transfer the tax return, then close the program.

Step 3: Export the backup to the new computer. If TurboTax is already installed on the new computer, double-click the tax return file to open it in the program. Later, you can start working on it.

In addition to TurboTax Transfer, you will be able to transfer almost all of your data, including tax returns, reports, data, electronic files, and everything else you need to function just as you do on your old computer. However, if you are having difficulties during the process or cannot install TurboTax in the search articles on your new computer, you should seek further help. You can call the TurboTax contact number for a detailed guide to smoothly transfer tax files from one computer to another.

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