How To Program A Game Application

Lua programming is mainly popular due to its technical characteristics. Ruby suffered for ten years, before people noticed her because of the bars. Without WOW programming, liwwa doesn’t make any sense. In summary, we can say that Loa is known as a game language.

Current cream for LUA: –

Designed in such a way that it can be integrated into host applications.
It is also an ideal tool for learning the basics of programming.
We can use the lua.exe compiler to use a simple and immediate command line.
As we all note that most of the games are created in Lua language. Therefore, if you want to register such a game on your mobile platform, you should pay attention to certain points:

Decide the concept of the game: – Before starting the game, one must finalize the concept of the game taking into account these concepts, such as what the target audience will be and in what language the game should be built. So this Lua developer can easily find his way.

Learning to code: – One must have the correct programming knowledge. If you don’t know how to code, I suggest you go to Python. I am sure you will like programming in this language.

Game code: in this route you will use an engine that someone else has created and used to create your own game. Engines often have links in some scripting languages ​​(like Python, Lua, or Ruby) so you can code the actual game with a scripting language. Here you should focus on the game design instead of other low-level details.

Focus on the library: – To make any game we have to definitely go through programming if we are well versed in this concept that determines that you are also aware of the impact and importance of the library. To make any mobile game, Lua programmers need graphic libraries, event management, networks, etc. He reads online lessons and starts playing with the chosen library. Learn how to do simple things like rectangles and circles, upload healthy images, fitness items, etc. Try doing some animation.

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