How to make money from your website and their requirements

There are several ways to earn money from your blog. Bloggers these days trust advertising networks only to monetize their blogs, but today I will tell you about other ways you can earn money with your blog.

Ways to earn money with your blog.

Here are ways to make money from your blog.

Custom ad program
In this type of advertising program, you will allow your audience to place an ad on your blog while paying you a certain amount of money and in a certain period of time. The rules and regulations for this type of advertising program are controlled by the site owner. That is, you have the right to increase or decrease the amount of money to pay, but I recommend that when you start this type of advertising program, you set the price of your ad at a very low rate and then you can increase it.

Online marketplace
Some bloggers use this day to monetize their website. You will display merchandise and products here for sale and give your audience permission to purchase them when they purchase any of your merchandise or products, you will be paid. Some bloggers often write e-books and sell them on their blogs at a fixed price.

Advertising Network Program
This is a common way to make money from your blog, but now. In this type of advertising program, you will request to join any advertising program of your choice and then comply with its policies. You will be given a code to place on your blog to show your ads when your site matches your eligibility to join their ad network, your site will be approved and then you will be paid based on the type of ad you are working on. These are the types of ads.

Cost per mile
For these types of ads, the publisher will charge money for every 1000 impressions you make on banner ads on the publisher’s website.

Cost per share
In this type of ad, the publisher will be paid for each action taken on the ad banner, either by clicking to buy products or to fill out a form. This type of advertising is commonly used by affiliate programs.

In these types of ads, the publisher is paid for clicks on the banner of the ads on their website.

Steps to follow before monetizing your website.

Your website must be at least six months old.
Make your website mobile friendly.
Your website must contain at least 30 original and high quality content, with more than 300 words.
Register your blog with search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo.
It should have pages like, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, About Us, and a Disclaimer page.
Your blog should be responsive and easy to navigate.
Now you have learned the ways to monetize your website, as well as the types of ads that are used by ad networks. If you found this article helpful and helpful, please kindly post the buttons to share this post below and if there is anything you don’t understand just share it in the comment section below.

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