How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

How to make money as a student in Nigeria

Are you a student in Nigeria?

Have you ever wondered what you can do as a student in Nigeria to earn money?

First of all, let me congratulate you very much for wanting to do something on your side as a student so that you have a source of funding other than your assignment.

Get a sample of your business plan

In fact, it is the best it can do given our economy in Nigeria, which is collapsing at best.

But guess that? There are many things you can do to earn money while learning in school. These things do not necessarily have to interfere with your studies at all.

A boy is reading a textbook.

To be honest with you, there are many graduates looking for what to do with their lives. No jobs, nothing.

Some were forced to relearn skills after many years of obtaining higher education, sometimes at the level of a master’s degree.

So the fact that you are ready to start doing something that can make you earn money now as a student is incredible.

If you start a successful business on campus, you’re likely to decide to expand into business after graduation instead of wasting time looking for work.

And if you start a high school business now, you can make good money for yourself, live comfortably, and plan for your future.

Simply put, this blog has rounded up some small businesses for Nigerian students who want to start a school business.

71 ways to earn money in Nigeria as a student

This article will make it easier for you if we divide the things you can do on campus to earn money into three:

Things you can do from your laptop / mobile phone to earn as a student
The work you can do to earn money as a student
Services you can provide as a student and get paid
And other things you can do to earn money.
How to earn money as a student in Nigeria

Table of Contents
Things you can do online to earn money as a student
The best services to earn money from a Nigerian student
Business a student can do in Nigeria to earn money
Other things a student can do to earn money in Nigeria
Things you can do online to earn money as a student
As a student, you most likely have a phone and a laptop. If you don’t have a laptop, try to get one for yourself.

You need a laptop or mobile phone to do some of the things that we will recommend in this section.

You can try saving and getting a used laptop that still works fine to start it.

These are some of the businesses that you can do using the phone or the system to earn money as a student living in Nigeria.

Become a YouTube user
Freelance writing for a blog or websites
Social media management
Influential in social networks
Start a private paid Facebook group
Applications development
Web-page design
Master SEO and provide your services to bloggers
Drop shipping
graphic design
Write content
You may not be familiar with every idea you presented in the previous category. If there are ideas you don’t understand well, do some research: Google is your friend!

The best services to earn money from a Nigerian student
Do you have any skills, knowledge, or ideas that you can teach others who have no income and who earn and get paid?

Yes you are! Think about it. If you can’t think of any skills, knowledge, or ideas that you have, then that’s okay, there’s room to learn.

All you have to do is sacrifice some time and money to learn and then get the ROI by monetizing this knowledge.

Dollars earned by a classmate

Here are about 30 services that you can provide people and get paid even as a student at the University of Nigeria.

Laundry services
Computer repair
Fix the phone
Apply nails or makeup / gel
Jockey has become a disco (DJ)
Party master
Physical training
Become a model
Be a motivating speaker and start small
Start by starting services
Start the event planning business
Open a small restaurant and sell a special delicacy that you can prepare.
Hairdressing / natural hair care
Barbecue room
House paint or wallpaper
Digital skills training
Create and sell works of art
Create comic comics
Train students in previous skills you know
Phone and computer repair
Teach people how to use a computer
Furniture workshop begins
Drive to Uber if you live in Lagos or Abuja
Inn Residence Agent
Start the bar
How to earn money as a student in Nigeria

Business a student can do in Nigeria to earn money
When you start a business in Nigeria, even on campus, you may want to know about 19 profitable business ideas for students in Nigeria

In addition to providing services, there are some small business ideas for students.

If you’re good at persuading people and want to do some side work while studying for your degree, I’ve got you covered.

Below I share some good lucrative deals for students on any campus here in Nigeria.

Feel free to get business ideas from the list and get more knowledge on how to do it. Remember again that Google is your friend!

Sale of used books
Sell ​​custom shirt
Sell ​​Ankara fabrics
Selling books, shoes and bags to Ankara
Shoe sale
Sell ​​stylish jeans
Manufacture and sale of skin products
Selling food
Natural products for the skin
Natural hair products
Sell ​​fabric on
Make and / or sell wigs
Sale of underwear to students
Telephone accessories
Sale of used phones
Learn how to make and sell perfumes
Jewelry sale
How to earn money as a student in Nigeria

Other things a student can do to earn money in Nigeria
You must read this post if you want to know what marketing strategies are working (opens in a new browser tab)

In addition to making money buying the sale and providing services, there are definitely other things you can do to earn an income.

Amazon seller on campus

I share some of them below:

Participate in a scholarship contest
Get a training period
Write and publish an electronic book.
Be Jumia’s agent
Be an agent or seller of a mobile phone brand
Buying and selling domain names
Be a professional linguist
Selling on amazon
Get money with grants
Be a GOTV agent
Start a center to review accommodations on your campus
Start planting
Rare animals for sale

There are many amazing opportunities and lucrative business ideas flying.

As a student, you must position yourself for these opportunities and take advantage of them.

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