How to install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack

Because Microsoft added the new Office Open XML Formats to the previous 2007 and 2010 Microsoft Office programs, users face the problem of opening and saving files in this format.

The main mission of this compatibility pack is to allow the user to open, edit and save Office files using the file formats in the latest versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The package can be installed on a computer system running Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2000, and Microsoft Office 2003, respectively.

Before downloading and installing the same version of Office XP or 2003, make sure that the installed version of Office and your Windows operating system are up to date. To verify and update, follow these steps:

Windows 7 or Vista

Follow the path
Start -> All Programs -> Windows Update

Microsoft Update will ensure that you update the operating system and other programs. Otherwise, you will be asked to install the updates.
Click Install
Enter the administrator password if prompted
Windows Xp

Open the Microsoft Update URL.
Click Express to allow Microsoft to verify if your system is up to date or not.
If it doesn’t update, you will be prompted to do so. Click install.
Once the update is complete, follow the steps listed below:
Download the Microsoft Compatibility Pack
Open the link
On the website, you will see a button called “Download”
Install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack,

Windows Vista

Click Run in downloaded settings
Enter the administrator password, if prompted
Accept the “Microsoft Software License Terms” and click Continue
Click OK and the compatibility pack installation will begin
Click OK in the last step, this was done
Windows Xp

Click Run twice and accept the “Microsoft Software License Terms”.
Click OK and the package will be installed in a few minutes.
Click OK after processing is complete
Once the Microsoft Compatibility Pack is fully installed, you can open the files in the latest versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. If you’re stuck somewhere in between these free trading items, please contact Microsoft Office customer support and get an instant fix.

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