How to get 1GB on MTN

So let’s start

Go to your post
Send XXXXXHSHSMyappHSHS to 131. Now you should wait for a message notifying you of the successful activation of the 100MB.

The 100 MB message will inform you on this form.

How to collect data and get up to 1GB or more on a MTN chip
Go to your keyboard and dial * 123 * 5 * 7 * 3 # and select 1 from the options to continue, select 1 again to choose Myapp and select 1 to finally unsubscribe, then you will see a message like;

Now go back to your message and forward it.
XXXXXHSHSMyappHSHS to 131 releases another 100MB. Continue the process and you will continue to get 100MB free up to 1GB and we recommend that you stop at 1GB.
Please note that your data bonus offer cannot be verified, so try testing the data from your browser or any app and have fun!

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