How to Fix Microsoft Word Common Errors

Microsoft is one of the most popular applications among computer users worldwide, and the complete MS Office suite includes applications for creating spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and more.

The latest versions of Office are 2016 and 365. With these two versions on your computer, you can perform many complex tasks in the blink of an eye, also without using any other applications.

Among all these applications, MS Word is used to create documents. When creating a document, you can easily insert a chart, table, image, shapes, and more into it.

Just like in any other application, you can also find errors in words. The most common mistakes are:

Runtime error
Compilation error on hidden drive
Word cannot open this document (the file you are trying to open)
The command cannot be executed because the plug-in template opening dialog is invalid
Subscript out of range
Drive name could not be found

The errors listed above occur when an add-in in a startup folder is not compatible with Microsoft Word.

Troubleshooting tips

Close or exit all programs and applications, including MS Word and Outlook. Follow the path below to open the startup folder

Microsoft Office 2000

FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeStartup

Microsoft Office 2002

Microsoft OfficeOffice10 startup program files

Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft OfficeOffice11 Startup Files Program

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office Startup Program FilesOffice12

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office Office 14 startup program files

Once you open this folder, move all the files available in this folder to your desktop. Restart MS Word and try to open the document again. If that doesn’t work, install the support template by following the steps below:

Open the control panel by pressing Windows + R and typing the control panel
Select Add or remove programs
Now click Change or Remove Program
From the list of currently installed programs, click your version of MS Office and click Change
From adding or removing features, tap Next
In the “Custom Settings” setting, select the check box in front of “Choose advanced application customization”
Click Next
In “Choose update options for apps and tools” follow the steps below

Expand MS Office WordExpand
Wizard and templates
Choose the icon for more templates and macros
Click to choose Run all from my computer
Click Update to install support templates
If you’ve tried the previous solution but the problem persists, check out the articles on physical health, visit, or contact the Microsoft Customer Care team to make sure it’s a great idea. Their customer support team works 24/7 to provide you with a fast and reliable solution to all Microsoft Office errors associated with its various versions.

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