How to correct Microsoft Excel freezing and Not responding error

MS Office is now what every professional needs the most and MS Excel is one of the most important parts of MS Office. Those who use MS Excel regularly encounter an error that crashes, hangs or freezes Excel or sometimes stops working with a message like:

Excel does not respond.
Excel has stopped working.
A problem in the program caused it to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
To resolve the errors mentioned above, technical experts are available at the toll free number 0800-029-4639 Microsoft UK Support Number to help you find the solution you need.

Solution number 1- Delete Excel

The name of the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OCAT) is available specifically designed to identify and resolve known instabilities in Office. Run this tool to fix this particular problem.

Solution n. ° 2: open Excel in safe mode

Solution number 3- Check if your file is created by a third party

Solution No. 4- Check possible COM plugins

Disable COM add-ins using the following steps:

Choose File> Options> Plugins.
Change the drop-down list from Administration to COM add-ins.
Then select Go.
Then uncheck the checkboxes of all COM plugins enabled
Then choose OK.
If troubleshooting is disabled, in this case, try enabling them one by one to see which plugin is causing the problems.
Solution # 5 – Check your antivirus software

Solution n. # 6: check the details and content of excel file

Solution No. 7- Latest updates

If you complete all the above methods and then don’t get the error correction, please contact the experts immediately. The experts at Microsoft Support Number UK are experienced enough to provide you with the required solution for all your technical errors.

There are different ways to correct a specific technical error to find the item, but we prefer to go easier and smoother. Today, the most common error in MS Excel is due to the antivirus software you have installed on your device. Antivirus settings block the installation of many programs and also make Excel work difficult. If it’s Excel or another Microsoft product when you see some kind of technical error, contact the experts right away.

Regardless of what goes wrong when you call our helpdesk experts, they will guide you with the solution you need. You must follow the instructions provided by the technology experts and by following you will be able to get the proper solution for the error you are facing. There may be several types of technical errors that you should see in Microsoft Office products or other Microsoft products at that time, contact technical experts at helpdesk and they will be ready for the solution you need. Technical errors of different intensity can call at any time and they will be ready there to provide you with the required solution. Feel free to get in touch because the experts are always available with the solution you want.

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