Facebook tips you need to know

Facebook is just another world; With massive audiences using it. If I mention what Facebook is and how to take advantage of it, this will not bode well. We all know how to take advantage of Facebook; Anyway, all the clients know it.

At this point, why am I here?

I found out that Facebook allows us to use a small portion of it. We don’t know of any other Facebook articles yet. If you need to take more cheats and tips for using Facebook, keep looking at this point. We will share those traps you didn’t even think about recently.

1 – Download / copy your information from Facebook

Many customers fear losing the content of their Facebook account. To tell the truth, some may think that it is difficult to lose their data if they lose their password or get points of interest. Try not to be stressed. Facebook cares about you and gives you space to receive the promotion of any post, photo, record you have shared, messages, visit history and data from the “About” section of your profile page, just to name a few.

You just need to click on the descending triangle at the top right of the page and select the setting option. Now on the “General” tab, click Connect “Download a duplicate of your information from Facebook. Finally, on the next page, click” Start my file. “You will soon get a download connection that contains.

2 – Respond with a note with a video

You are using the content and images to reply to any posts and notes, but you can skip it. This is a really cool item that you can now reply to in posts and notes with a video. By clicking on the camera icon in the specific note box, you will discover the alternative to choosing a video. It can also make your note more practical and interesting.

3 – Synchronize Facebook schedule with Google history book

I make use of my schedule for my daily calendar and my life. I solved exercises, weekends and excursions with him. You can say that my schedule is my right hand. I suppose its annoying handling of my expert and my social existence with a lonely track record, but here comes that very supportive thought. Without much time, I can merge my Facebook and Google schedules into a single schedule. Currently, I don’t have to search for two unique timelines.

Just visit Events on Facebook, and now click on one of your “Upcoming Events”. As soon as you are on the appropriate page, at that point, click the “Options” button and choose “Rate Event” from the drop-down menu. For now, double the URL in “Register for each upcoming and upcoming event on your registry.”

Since the URL is duplicated at the moment, go to Google Calendar and from the right side go to the checkbox called “Different calendars”. Here, under “Alternate Calendars”, you must choose “Include by URL”. The fine light box opens and then pastes the URL that you copied from Facebook and Facebook Calendar will now be configured using Google Calendar.

4 – Separate your photo collections

You don’t have to go online every time to review your photo collections. You can also see it separately. If your mom needs to see it, you won’t have to join Facebook, an offline connection will work for you. For easy access to the collection, just open a group and tap the settings icon. Here you need to choose the Get interface. Without too much repetition, you can paste this contact with anyone and send it via email and message.

5- Keep the links for some time

We use it to view tons of news, data, and newsletters every day. However, we were jumping for lack of time. Here and there we assume that we will read it later, but we cannot and the reason is that we lost it in a giant wave of office. We have an answer to this; We can put it aside to read it later. Yes, science articles, you can save and read for later depending on where you live.

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