Easy Steps To Customize A Blogger Template

If you use Google blogger and are trying to find easy steps to customize your Blogger template, before that you should understand that you should have good blogger templates that are Adsense friendly because in the future you will definitely need to monetize your blog.

Many bloggers who use Google blogger find it difficult to customize their blog template, and therefore they continue to search the Internet for easy steps to customize a blogger template, so it’s good to have come here.

Finally, here are 9 simpler steps to learn how to customize your Blogger template.
Access the Blogger Theme Designer:
Steps to customize your Blogger template,

1. Log in to your Google Blogger account.

2. In the left navigation panel, choose the “Theme” option as in Figure 2.1.

Blogger – Theme << Customize
Figure – 2.1
3. On the home page, select the “Customize” option to edit your theme, and it will take you to your “template editor” on your blog where you can edit everything related to the theme of your website and you can see a live preview of the changes, as in Figure 2.2.

Blogger Theme Designer
Figure – 2.2
4. From that page, you can edit it.

Options available in the left navigation pane according to your website. You can also choose options such as “Back to Blogger”, “View blog”, “Help” and “Go to blog” in the top navigation menu, as shown in Figure 2.2.

5. In the Themes section, you can choose your favorite theme from the many themes that Blogger provides for your website according to its status as in Figure 2.3.

Blogger Designer Theme << Themes
Figure – 2.3
6. In the background section, you can choose the background image for your blog or website.

The blogger himself offers many high-quality background images, suitable for websites of different categories. You can modify the alignment of this background image, its appropriate title and the main color theme of your website as shown in Figure – 2.4.

Blogger Theme Designer << background
Figure – 2.4
7. From the advanced section, you can edit three main categories
Thematic colors
Topic text
Blogger Theme Designer << Advanced << Theme Colors
Figure – 2.5
A) In the Color Attributes section, you can choose colors
Thread color
Dark color,
Title background
Menu color,
SubMenu and others wallpaper
You can choose any color from its wide range of color palettes as shown in Figure 2.5.

B) In the theme Body option, you can adjust the colors of the following on your website

Body background color
Font Color
Link Color
This option may change depending on your website template. You can see the previous options in Figure – 2.6.

Figure – 2.6
C) In the Add CSS section, you can write the CSS program that you want to include on your website as shown in Figure 2.7.

Blogger Theme Designer << Advanced << Add CSS
Figure – 2.7
8. Finally, from the smart tools option, you can adjust the operation and appearance of various functions such as

Follow by email
The signs
List of links
Social plugin
Appendix list of widgets and others
You can also edit these functions in the planning section. You can find these options as shown in Figure 2.9.
Blogger Theme Designer << Tools
Figure – 2.9
9. Finally, after making all the changes to the theme, you can see a live preview before applying it. If you’re good at changes, select Apply to blog to apply the changes to your blog. You can change these options whenever you want.

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