Does Your Internet Service Provider Suck?

We are disappointed when the ISP promises do not happen as he said. Slow speed and internet disconnection are the biggest problem with internet services. Read the article for more ideas.

Reports have shown that ISPs don’t provide the bandwidth you pay for. Approximately 85% of people use broadband for various applications.

Typically, an American spends about 20 hours a week sitting at a computer and using the Internet. Whether you want to download a movie or song, learn some informational texts, do office work, play games, and other things, you definitely need the internet to do it.

Technology develops day by day and becomes faster and cheaper. This is where the Internet Service Provider (ISP) comes in. In many areas, ISPs hold a monopoly on Internet services.

Consequently, users have no other choice and do what ISPs say. You do not have to face any challenge and set the prices according to your choice. Sometimes they create the plan according to our requirements.

Makes sense? Untrue! Also, after giving a lot of money, we don’t get the speed we want. Reloading a single page takes a long time.

But why don’t we like his work?


The main reason for hatred is that they cannot provide satisfactory results. They also don’t offer internet based on speed.

The way they are treated

In a recent survey, ISPs were found to score very low. The survey is based on the degree of satisfaction score of the call center.

Practice monopoly

In the market there are different types of internet. However, ISPs do not offer all offers. There are around 30 million subscribers who use about 30% of the broadband market.

Prices are tearing you apart

Internet service providers determine prices based on companies and region. Thus, it begins to create a burden on the users pocket.

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, your current service is starting to exhaust you. According to them, it is not the fault of the service provider; You use it more. In this case, it gives you an idea to update the plan and, for the sake of greater speed, you can change your Internet plan. All this brings more money in the pocket of the ISP.

When we discover the problem, it all lies in the powerful companies that make an impact. Internet service providers strongly opposed the net neutrality rule. This is because they cannot get additional money from companies.

In this competitive world, it has become a major business and people don’t get what they want. Therefore, it plays a vital role in a person’s life. Consequently, it becomes very painful when web providers cannot provide high speed internet. This becomes annoying when the Internet works at a very slow speed.

Why are they really doing this? Due to the slowness of the services, they will surely lose their customers. But when sending the material, they have a better plan to show it to us and send us to the prescribed one that costs more than before.

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