10 Tips For Beginner Virtual Reality App Developers

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular with the launch of each headset and the announcement of each new growth. Analysts predict that many units will be sold in 2016.

The dynamic development sector in the entertainment industry may be interrupted by a rating of 2 million depending on the popularity of the PlayStation VR headsets, which are slated for release in October 2016.

If the preferred headset is a console headset, more headsets may be sold than expected recently. So, here are some tips for new optical reality designers.

Offer in C # or C ++

Both Unity and Unreal engines have their advantages and disadvantages, and they have useful raw schematics that also provide the source code so that the designer can completely change it as desired. Also, the choice you will use depends on your personal choices.

The factor that can draw your attention to a particular platform compared to another is the programming language. You use Unity C # while using Unreal C ++, so if you have knowledge of one language and not the other, it would be wise to choose a platform based on this knowledge.

Purchase of existing assets

The favorite saying that you don’t need to recreate the wheel is a fact when designing virtual reality games and apps. There are extremely talented 3D model artists, sound producers, and video producers. Websites like Best3DModel.com help you buy existing 3D models that you can rename, if necessary, and also use them in the VR growth cycle. This can dramatically reduce the time you spend developing while giving you the path to attractive and efficient 3D models.

The first mobile design

If you are new to the world of visual reality design, everything can look great. Especially the fact that you can design anything and create whatever scientist or knowledge you want. Start small by developing a web application for use in portable VR headsets, then promote full PC development the moment you have the mobile development experience and knowledge.

You can deal with many of the necessary suggestions involved in VR design and these moves from mobile phone design to PC design, so time won’t seem wasted. Furthermore, there is a constant need to develop a visual reality application, so you can end up focusing your efforts in this area with very good results.

Configure analytics to improve the user experience

Many principles of virtual reality and game development reside in the user experience. If players continue to have a bad experience, they will exit the game or app and leave. They can also prevent releases by the same developer in the future. With the development of visual reality, you may not only need to make sure that the game is good, but also that the visual experience is excellent.

A gamer will not forget your game if it makes him feel tired after simple use. Set up analytics to see if players leave before completing the game, if there is a certain point in time or a certain area of ​​the world of visual reality that makes users leave, and also to find out where people spend more time and have more fun. This information can be used to release improved updates and also to augment your future developments.

Take advantage of uniform and unrealistic diagrams to start your development

Unity and Unreal offer designs to consumers. These are the necessary structures and games, they are quite useful and have the source code for anyone to define and use. You can select, modify and rebrand these schemes, and launch your own virtual reality experience. Take most of the graphics, especially in the early days of virtual reality development.

Never look at the sound

You can easily walk away from the design of the best possible visual reality experience, and not remember the other elements, but sound is also very important. Visual cues, background music, dialogue, sound effects as well as musical scores are part of the overwhelming experience of visual reality, and if the sound is not of high quality, consumers will still be lacking. Visual reality is supposed to be immersive, and sound is a big party.

Be firm

Many gamers and designers are still unfamiliar with visual reality, and this requires more massive cohesion than usual. Please note that when players choose a console on the console to run the shooter from a first person perspective or to play a soccer game, they are definitely looking for some buttons to perform specific actions and it is not easy for them to contain console layouts modern. This prediction may not appear without visual reality yet, but if you have players using certain controls or movements to perform actions early in the game, be consistent with this control throughout the game.

Make sure of interactions

The world of virtual reality is knowledge of virtual reality, although a completely immersive experience will always require certain recognized elements in the game world. For example, if you’re using real-world tools like a welding stove, consumer expectations will be to make them behave in a certain way, and you should be able to meet these expectations, except for a reason based on a true story that This is not the case.

Take advantage of suggestions to control prospects

Virtual reality experiences help users see where they want; It is restricted only by the design of the game itself. However, you may not want to make room for everyone, and you may not have the resources to fully design each region. Use the gaze tips to control the wearer to look in the right direction. This not only helps you reduce the amount of growth of the virtual reality world that should be required. However, it also means that users will not be left to think carefully about what they are expected to do or where they should look and move.

Make sure you experience high-quality virtual reality

Visual reality games are still modern and most of the users who play virtual reality games are knowledgeable about virtual reality rather than enjoying the games in particular. While it is imperative that you design a game that requires securing your interest in IT articles, it is also necessary to provide the best possible virtual reality experience. This means that graphics and sound must be combined to design a truly immersive experience. It indicates that you should do everything possible to reduce or eliminate the feeling of fatigue of the movement of the users.

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