10 successful ways to make money online

There are different ways to earn money online, and this just depends on your commitment and patience in the income period. Here are different ways to earn money online.

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Start a blog
Start a YouTube channel
Sell ​​photos online
Sell ​​site on Flippa
Andriod application development
Create a WordPress theme
Become an online teacher
Join the question and the answer
Be independent
Join affiliate marketing programs
Start a blog
Becoming a blogger is one of the easiest ways you can earn money online because you can work any time of the day, the choice is yours, but you have to work hard before you can make money blogging. Blogs are suitable for those who are good at writing and want to share their knowledge with others. You have written an article on what to do before starting a blog and also how to make money from your blog; I recommend checking it out before continuing.

Start a YouTube channel
This field is for those who like to speak in front of the cameras and also for people who like to create videos, either through education or influencing the knowledge of others. You can create a YouTube channel by visiting this site http://www.youtube.com and using your Google account to login. In fact, you need a Google account in the registration process. You can monetize your YouTube channel by requesting Google Adsense or an affiliate marketing program like Amazon. Before being approved to use Google Adsense, make sure your YouTube channel complies with its privacy policy.

Sell ​​photos online
This field is as much for photography lovers as for those who are good at designing and editing photographs. You can earn money by selling photos online by subscribing to the following websites listed below. Gettyimages.com


You will have to upload your photos for sale on this aforementioned website and receive a payment when people start buying them.

Selling site on Flippa
Flippa is an online marketplace for buying and selling the website. This field is suitable for those who can develop or design a professional website, includes creating a professional website and offering it for sale. Note that if you want to be successful in this field, I highly recommend choosing a reliable host like; Hostgator, Ipage, Imotion or Bluehost and they also use the .com domain to make their website look professional. To get started, register your website at flippa.com.

Andriod application development
Yes! You can earn money online just by developing Android applications, visit www.appgeyser.com to develop the Android application of your choice or download the ANDRIOD STUDIO PC application and start designing the Android application. To earn money, monetize it with Google Admob, visit www.google.com/admob to get started and you also need a Google account to get started. Make sure your Android app complies with its privacy policy. You can also earn money promoting an affiliate product through its application.

Create a WordPress theme
This field is for creative web designers with an understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP, as well as those who understand the basics of WordPress themes. You can put your item up for sale;




You will earn 50% commissions for each item sold.

Be an online teacher
This field is for teaching lovers and also for those who like to influence the knowledge of others, you must be an expert in the subject you want to teach and you must also have at least two years of experience in a specific subject you choose teach. You can start by visiting;

Electronic tutor




Join the question and answer
This field is for those who love helping people by providing an adequate answer to their questions; You can only be paid when the interlocutor accepts your answer, so you must pay the agreed amount. You can join this field as follows:



Be independent
This field is for people who have enough time to work online doing a specific task without disappointing the people who work for them, you can start in this field by subscribing to the sites listed below, filling in your details;




You can earn money by completing your mission and you will be paid the exact amount. You can also publicize your skill and give clear information about what you can do, so that people with tasks can contact you directly, and you will be charged for each hour of work.

Join affiliate marketing programs
Commission marketing is a type of marketing where you get paid when customers purchase affiliate program products through your personal links, and then you earn a certain percentage of the purchased products. This field is for those who want to market products and persuade people to buy a specific product. You can also put your referral link on any social network of your choice, and then get paid when people click on the link and buy the products. Commission marketing is not just for those who have a website, you can insert the URL of the Facebook page instead of the URL of the website. You can start by signing up for the affiliate marketing programs below;





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